Kelowna, BC



A new building to support the UBC Distributed medical school at the new UBC Okanagan Campus. The Building houses highly varied spaces for individual and group study, medical research laboratories, tiered lecture theatres, administration offices, and a new Medical School. UBCO medical programs are linked via a sophisticated telecommunication system providing real time learning, lecturing and demonstrations simultaneously broadcast between all four medical schools.

The project was certified LEED® Gold and committed to a rigorous “sustainable” design agenda that included a green roof, stormwater conservation technologies, low VOC materials throughout, and energy reduction targets in the range 55% to 60% through the employment of natural ventilation strategies and the optimization of natural light. Ventilation air, bench areas, water and gas piping distribution is based on accessible and modular concepts to support a philosophy of continuous “plug and play” ease of access through adjustment and flexibility.


4,450 m2
 Delivery Method
Construction Management
Kelowna, BC
UBCO Properties Trust