Prince Rupert, BC


The Metlakatla Seniors Housing project is a slab on grade, wood frame, multi-family housing structure. It consists of two storeys and 32 units, making it 3,339 m2 in size. Within the building, there are common areas for occupants to share, as well as an entire commercial kitchen. In terms of special features, there is a shared courtyard for all residents to enjoy the outdoor space collectively. The exterior finishes are steel cladding, providing a low maintenance and durable siding that also offers superior insulation for temperature control throughout the changing seasons.

This project presented some challenge when it became apparent that there was no access to suitable bearing material in Prince Rupert. This obstacle necessitated the use of large fill imported materials. However, by using blastrock and additional compaction efforts rather than committing to the use of deep foundations or piles, Yellowridge was able to achieve substantial cost savings. Through this cost-effective problem-solving, Yellowridge was able to overcome this hurdle without any negative outcome.


3,339 m2
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Prince Rupert, BC
Metlakatla Development