We’re committed to accident prevention and safety management.


Safety is first priority on all our jobsites for our workers and the project team. We have an excellent safety record and are committed to ensuring that effective measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, trade contractors and the public.

We take a proactive approach to accident prevention and safety management with our comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety program. The program includes the support structures necessary to be effective and inclusive. Our Corporate Safety Officer and Site Safety Offices ensure our Health and Safety policy is implemented and enforced at each of our construction sites. The Corporate Safety Officer is able to act as a conduit for information and material between our site personnel and management, exhibiting due diligence, leadership and commitment to a safe and healthy workplace.

We conduct regular safety reviews and formal audits to ensure the program components and directions are appropriately updated to meet changes in workplace conditions. We partner with WorkSafe BC through their ‘COR’ Program promoting excellence in the workplace. This program recognizes the proactive approach that we have taken to ensure a safe work environment and ensures the highest level of attention and support is provided for accident prevention and safety management on all of our jobsites.